Active Quiroprática
Orthopedic Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Christopher Bock,
American (USA) Dr of Chiropractic / Chiropractor
Portugal License N.º 0200011
34 years Experience
Olympic Team Doctor
Complete Chiropractic Care
Herniated Disc Specialist, Frozen Shoulder Specialist
Ergonomic Consultant to Nike and Intel Employees

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If you haven't been treated by Dr Bock...
Then there's so much more you can do to get well!

Why be treated by Dr Bock at Active Quiroprática? In Portugal...

Few, if any, Chiropractors have over 34 years experience in a wide variety of clinical settings including: Chiropractic orthopedics, injury rehabilitation, auto/work injuries, Chiropractic teacher, working alongside medical doctors and surgeons, high-level ergonomics, etc.

There are a handful of Chiropractors who've had sports medicine classes (Dr. Bock - Olympic Chiropractor)

There are very few Chiropractors who work to get you well quickly (most push "lifetime treatments")

But there is only one Chiropractor in Portugal who is all three...
nd no other Chiropractor has 34+ years of experience with Spinal Decompression as does Dr. Bock.

(PS: Something else that makes us different....we don't do *surprise* adjustments or insist on "cracking your neck"!)

A recent patient review....

Active Quiropratica Dr Bock James Review

Spinal-Disc-Sciatica Decompression (Flexion-Distraction) Treatment
Gentle relaxing movement of your legs
Very light stabilizing hand on your spine,
Many patients fall asleep during their treatment!


Flexion-Distraction Treatment for Relief of Sciatica


Algarve Chiropractor
Neck and Back Pain Specialist
Complete Chiropractic Care
Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Leg pain, Degenerative Disc Disease,
All Disc Problems, Disc Pain, Back Pain
Spinal Decompression to avoid surgery
Fast Frozen Shoulder Solutions
34 years experience

Especialista no Tratamento de Problemas de Coluna e Pescoço
Tratamento Quiroprático Completo
Hérnias Discais, Ciática, Dor na Perna, Problemas Gegenerativos dos Discos, Todos os Problemas
Relacionados com os Discos da Coluna
Descompressão da Coluna para Evitar Cirúrgia
Capsulite Adesiva - Ombro Congelado
30 Anos de Experiência


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966 706 606
282 352 202

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Dr. Christopher (Krystov) Bock
Active Quiroprática, Chiropractic Clinic
serving Lagoa Lagos Carvoeiro Portimão Silves Porches Ferragudo Alvor Monchique
Villamora Praia da Rocha Almancil Quinta do Lago Vale do Lobo Family Medical Centre
Algarve, Portugal

Review from Douglas James
Reviewed 28 Sep 2017
5 Stars

"A Chiropractor that wants his patients well"

"Dr. Bock worked carefully with my sciatic nerve problem. He stretched my lower back, treated it with relaxation technique and then advised me to do certain types of exercise. He did not do adjustments on me at that time. I thought this was very judicious of the Dr. for I was in pain but his goal was to calm that nerve down and get the blood flowing through the disc. His examination led to this type of treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Bock for any and all Chiropractic needs.

I have gone to Chiropractors most of my adult life. I stopped because all they wanted was for me to return for treatments. I stopped because I realized they were not wanting me well, only the money. Pleasantly, to my surprise, he was unlike any Chiropractor I had ever gone to except one. The only thing Dr. Bock wanted was for me to be well. I was so excited to have someone of whom was not just after the money. Thank you, Dr. Bock, for being the Chiropractor that wants his patients well. I now go twice a month and this works out well and now I am there for maintenance for he took care of my sciatic nerve problem with great efficiency and I am pain-FREE!"

Treatment Received: Chiropractor Consultation





















































































Centrally Centro located Chiropractic Physiotherapy Quiropratica Quiropratico in Lagoa, Algarve Chiropractor, Portugal
Formerly associated with Lutz Quiropratica Quiropratico, 2012 and 2013

Dr. Chris Ford sold his practices, of Family Medical Centre @ Quinta do Lago, and Lagos to Dr. Bock in 2013.