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Your feet are the foundation for everything above them, and when your foundation is out of balance and functioning poorly, the effects can be felt through your entire body. Pain in your joints, muscles or more serious injuries can be just some of the effects. Over 75% of us have feet that either roll in or out too much (over-pronation or excessive supination), and yet we don't even know what foot type we have and the problems it's causing to the rest of our body.

Why Custom Orthotics?




Simply put: Custom offers the best support you can get. Each of your feet are unique, and off-the-shelf insoles are not. Every Footbalance orthotic is individually molded to the arch and contours of each foot, giving you precise support and comfort. With proper alignment and support, your feet function at their best, whether just out for a walk, at work, on the beach, hiking the hills, or playing golf or tennis, you will feel the improved stability. Your feet with thank you!

Affordable Comfortable Stylish Slim-Line, and best of all... wear them on the same day!

Footbalance is an innovative insole that brings you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. With Footbalance you get a complete foot analysis and custom molded insoles in under 20 minutes. Each insole is individually custom molded for each foot, to ensure perfect fit and support no matter your arch type, foot shape or differences between the left and right foot. Your insoles can be used immediately - at a price that won't break the bank.

Footbalance insoles and sandals support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function and improve overall body alignment. The patented Footbalance energy return core helps keep foot muscles and arches active and toned. Studies have shown that improving overall body alignment helps improve biomechanical efficiency and reduce the incidence of stress injuries. Proper underfoot support can reduce foot fatigue and improve circulation for better endurance.

At Active Quiroprática we provide a full range of cushioning and support levels to help you achieve a comfortable, customized fit in virtually any footwear whether for sports, work or leisure.

Orthotics can make a big difference providing a more stable base for everyone: athletes, runners, golfers and tennis players, even hiking the Algarve cliffs, which improves performance and reduces injuries. As an Olympic team doctor for Track and Field, Dr. Bock has spent many years helping improve structural and functional foot imbalances, which then leads to less pain, better mobility and increased performance.

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